Change in Flavor strategy.

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Change in Flavor strategy.

Post by chinoy » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:22 am

During the early months. We did what I thought I would love to see from flavor companies which is make the flavors strong and then let people dilute with Kiss to match their taste.
Taste is super subjective we will have 10 people telling us a particular flavor is too light and 10 saying its too strong.
The only way to dial it in is to tweak it to your brain.

We have seen how this approach has worked out and also that not many people could be bothered with perfecting their vape most be lazy and would rather put up with a taste too light or too strong rather than trying to dial it in.

So from now on Im going to dial back the flavors till I think they make the best vape and ship that out.
Popular well established flavors wont be changed.

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