Change in way I build the tanks going out.

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Change in way I build the tanks going out.

Post by chinoy » Wed May 13, 2015 12:40 pm

So we have finally figured that most people do not enjoy building coils. My self included you can find it fun to start with but once you know what works for your mod you do not want to do it over and over.

So now the system is build one coil and dont bother about building another coil for months on end. Prd is at month 4 and I am at month 3 on some of my tanks.

In the early days I would take some cotton and some sillica and hand wrap the coil.
This we no longer do.

Now we use a coil winder gig. And with a 2.5mm dia we wind about 5-6 wraps
This is then fitted to the tank. Fired and using tweaers we make sure its placement is perfect.

Thats it a one time job you do every 4-5 months.

You take some store bought Indian cotton boiled or as is and stuff it thru the coil.
If its an orchid you cut the cotton and pass two whiskers to the back and two to the front. If its a kayfun you trim the cotton and thats it.

Changing flavors or once a week you change the cotton.

This cant be beat for flavor and ease of use.

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