Flavor Insigths April 2015

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Flavor Insigths April 2015

Post by chinoy » Fri Apr 17, 2015 1:20 am

People's thought process is flawed because they know so little.
If you think with little knowledge its as good as not thinking at all.

Here are some things I find wrong.

Obsession with Nicotine strength.
Labeled Nic strength means very little. Mostly because there are so many variations in the quality of Nic.
Also what gear you use plays a critical role in picking the right nic value.
The best way is to start low and work your way up. You want to manage with the lowest value you can get away with. Not the highest. Nic is a nasty poison your body can handle a lot more than you need. And it is a drug. It is a pain *beep* and a lot like speed. Its easy to let your level climb ie one bottle of 36 MG and next day your 10 MG feels like nothing.
So what happens if I use high Nic . Well for one you will start to loose your hair. Your nails will get discolored and there are other health issues. So start low and work your way up. Not the other way arround.

People seem to think so one dimension ally, they do not want to spend time thinking for them selfs, or spend hundreds of man hours studying the subject. They want one para info they can read on face book and repeat to sound smart. Or think they know something.

A perfect example is the growing tribe who have finally figured out that PG is bad or that VG is good. And that one must avoid PG.
To them its a simple issue. Oh I will buy 100% VG and I will be fine. Eveything else is honky tonk after that.

Very few realize that there is a price one pays for using VG.
What is that price it depends on what kind of VG your using. Synthic or Organic.
Organic is the thicker type and has a sweeter stronger taste.

That price is dry hits cause your tank cant handle the thicker juice.
More flavor has to be used this means more chemicals.
Why more flavor
a. VG has its own taste which needs to be over come.
b VG results in thick clouds of vapor these thick clouds coat your tongue and it gets very hard for the flavor to get thru this layer. About the only time you really taste your juice is when you take the first vape of the day after you get up. But then the VG has been absorbed by your tongue so you can taste the first puff.

As a cook. My thinking process is very different. And it differs for each flavor.
How do I balance the PG ration in the flavor. Do I let there be more PG and less flavor chemicals. Because more PG helps the tongue taste the flavor better. Or do I use less PG in the flavor and more chemical flavor molecules because it has to cut thru all that VG and land on our taste buds.

Yes PG is not good. But even less good is over doing certain flavor molecules.

Bottom line should be dont go on taste. Go on how the juice makes you feel & start small on the nic. As low as you can manage with.
The end goal for all e-cig users is to stop using nic. The lower your nic level the easier and closer you are to your goal.

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