Experimenting Ideas for BV Juice Customers.

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Experimenting Ideas for BV Juice Customers.

Post by chinoy » Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:27 pm

We all want to make our Juices Custom.
Finding the right VG / PG and Flavors then getting the Ratio of PG to VG to flavor right then steeping them using various process is all daunting and quite risky also.
Unless you know that the flavor is safe for vaping you could be playing with your health.

The reason we started to BV was because there was no vendor in the market willing to give me these options.
Now if you commit to BV and get all your juices form us. We will go out of our way to make sure you have a solution that works. We will supply you with the highest quality VG and PG so that you can tweak your own flavors.

We will even give you blending ideas.
For example say you get a Bottle of Swiss Chocolate.
Now you can smoke it as is. But for the next tank. Try something different.
Add M-Type. Typically when you blend. Like this never use more than 3-4 drops in a tank.
If you cant taste any change then add another 2 drops.

Stuff we recommend you try. With what we call booster Notes. Which can also be vaped alone.

1. M-Type
2. Mint
3. Menthol
4. Turkish
5. Something Missing.
6. Honey Wood (Honey Wood you would typically need to mix in a 50-50 Ratio to taste it.)

Experiment by mixing up your own combinations.

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