RDD Suspension Products.

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RDD Suspension Products.

Post by chinoy » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:53 pm

We are going to offer suspension upgrades.
To start with we will be doing new springs for the FZ front end.
The Price will be Rs 4000/- for two springs. If you want the upgraded valves add another Rs 1000/-
We will be using SAE grade automotive spring steel. Or Medical grade. What ever is the highest quality of spring steel in the market. No expense will be spared here.

If this batch sells well. Then we will offer the same for RD and RZ fork legs. We are trying to keep our prices at half of the price off getting them from race tech. Which is 125$ per Pair + shipping + customs.And those are not even progressive. Where as these are.
Sample of our latest spring for the FZ
Sample of our latest spring for the FZ
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