I too installed RDD CDI on my bike

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I too installed RDD CDI on my bike

Post by shettynagaraj » Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:30 pm

This is Nagaraj from Bangalore. After reading so many threads in RDD.i too decided to buy one for my bike.mine is 2001 model RX135 with street ported barrel and running on Chinoy Filter filter. I just dropped a mail to Ron.after few more mail exchanges regarding price and technicalitys CDI was delivered.Today CDI was installed by mechanic called Kanna.Ron had rated him highly on one of his post.i was really amazed buy the amount of knowledge Kanna have.he have all the tools require to set up.
Now bike is running smoothly and pulling more on each gear.i have to check the milage part now.Thanks Ron for all the support.
Kanna was praising you for the knowledge you have and kind of person you are.

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