My Honda City 1.5 OHC AT on RDD Fuel Miser/Power Maximizer

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My Honda City 1.5 OHC AT on RDD Fuel Miser/Power Maximizer

Post by Mi3ky » Sat May 03, 2014 3:36 pm

I got the RDD Fuel miser/power maximize installed on my car over last weekend and collected the car from Ron on Tuesday 29th April. I had my eye on this product for more than 1.5 years and wanted to get it installed on my Baleno but as things would have it I has to sell the car and as soon as I picked up the Honda City 1.5 OHC AT this is the 1st to-do item on my list.
As for this review and feedback on the product I want to make it a comprehensive one. I plan to log mileage in all 3 modes i.e. one tank full on each mode (Approx 500kms per mode). I will also post up a before and after pollution test readings.
Here are my first impressions -
The first drive I had in the car post install was in mileage mode (16.1) a short burst around cox town. The immediate reaction was man has the accelerator response become super crisp and sharp. The way the car responded to throttle inputs was absolutely a blast.
Now I switched to power mode (13.2) and did the same loop. Here the character of the car has changed quite a bit you can feel a difference in the engine note and if you listen carefully you can actually hear the car sucking in more air.
After the 2 rounds I returned to Ron’s basement with a wide smile across my face. He asks me did you feel the difference and are you happy. My and YES!!! trust me one can really feel the difference in the way the car performs right away. The only comparison I can draw is it felt like riding a well-tuned bike with a brand new accelerator cable, the throttle response is such.
My car is bone stock as for now, no CAI, FFE or anything. Coming down to the brass taxes so far. I was able to log the mileage once before the install and got an FE or 9.88kmpl. Now this may have a been a bit higher but my car was left running for about 30min with the AC on while installing the music system. This is what I had logged with a conked O2 sensor which was confirmed after a scan at Honda.
When I handed in the car to Ron for the install I had covered 151kms from a full tank. Post install I ran the car for another 177.7 so that adds up to 328.7kms. I topped up the tank yesterday for 28.99Ltrs. Getting a FE figure of 11.33kmpl in the city with the AC! Now I know that this was mixed driving conditions but it’s an encouraging start to things to come.
I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have the best of both worlds – have the power and performance w/o sacrificing FE all the while retaining a stock ECU and internals. Its definitely a must have for all AT owners for 2 simple reasons – 1) You will love the way the car responds to throttle inputs and 2) You will be surprised by the FE figures.
More to come soon..

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Re: My Honda City 1.5 OHC AT on RDD Fuel Miser/Power Maximiz

Post by chinoy » Sat May 03, 2014 3:59 pm

Glad you like it man.
Its a wise investment with the way petrol prices are going up.
Id like to recommend it to people just on the basis of how much better the engine runs. But the fact that it also guarantees better mileage is the best reason to get it.

If after this people still dont buy it.
Then I feel the Indian tuning scene is less about common sense and brains. And more to do with fluffing.

I took it for a test spin. Before and after and noticed the difference in engine response too.
Im pretty sure your mileage will improve. Be sure to test both modes. Cause the really funny thing is that a lot of customers are reporting better mileage numbers in power mode i.e. with 13:1 AFR they are getting more mileage than they are with 16:1 I have no idea why.
OBD scan shows that in power mode the short term and long term fuel trims are adding more fuel. Yet mileage numbers are better I have no idea why.

Once you are done with the mileage tests bring the car over and we will start with some basic mods to bump up power even more. I did not want to change too many things in one shot.
Your car has some superb potential. We have just started out.

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