RDD LT-HT Combo Street Setup - 7 year itch!

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RDD LT-HT Combo Street Setup - 7 year itch!

Post by crazydiablo » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:25 pm

I could probably write a story about this bike, but I will limit my words and keep it to a minimum. I have just started sampling the bike but I know how this is going to turn out so am putting in a feedback thread which will be updated every 5000kms of running. Bike belongs to Anish who got bitten by the DIY bug in 2007 and stripped the bike into pieces. The barrels were handed over to Ron in 07 at the track side for a combo job. Life got busy, projects got multiplied and this bike had several misfortunes along the way. Finally this year I got the barrels back from Ron and boy was it worth the wait. Here is the setup:

RDD Ported LT HT Combo
Wiseco 2nd oversize pistons
RDD Crank (balanced and welded)
RDD supplied TM28s with custom throttle setup
Chinoy Filter filters
Banshee Reeds
RDD Heads
Banshee tap and fuel filters

This is complemented by suspension mods (Racetech setup in front) and brake setup and decent cosmetics.

I have started running in the bike. Initial feedback its so smooth. Have almost forgotten how a fresh build is. Power is everywhere. The engine sounds angry, like an RDD bike should be. The running in will be quick and short, I feel the rebore and setup from RDD has come close to factory which does not require any running in at all. 10L of petrol with Castrol oil will do the running in. Thats it, move to motul and then its game time! Hope to resist the temptation to chase power on this setup.

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Re: RDD LT-HT Combo Street Setup - 7 year itch!

Post by Prd » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:08 pm

:lol: You lucky...
Enjoy brother!! Nice to see another one hit the road. Keeps us posted on the adventures.

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Re: RDD LT-HT Combo Street Setup - 7 year itch!

Post by mukund » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:02 pm

Hey Mohit,

Congratulations on yet another fantastic build full of efforts... the bike is a looker too in addition to all the goodies... hope you riding this to waynad this weekend... very clean setup that with attention to each and every single detail... i suppose it is about time that you start a school where you teach people how to love their bikes and automobiles :D will be one of the first to enroll


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