My new performance 5 speed RX 135

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Re: My new performance 5 speed RX 135

Post by mukund » Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:15 am

Hey Zubair,

Glad you dropped by and installed your spare thermometer on the RX. I'm very glad to have this cause i can keep my eye on the meter and stop the bike when she crosses the 160-170 Degrees.

Oh yes the bike is feeling better with every ride. This morning too has been fun and now she has completed around 200km of running in. Hope that this bike goes for many more kms of pure fun and mischief.

Whatever i had felt about buying the new KTMs and other newer bikes has been re-confirmed in my head. I'm having so much fun on the RXs and RDs and i'm so happy that i know there is so much more fun on these old 2 strokes itself for me.

Thanks for spoiling me rotten with all the blessings Ron. Dunno if i will ever get done having fun on these bikes :cool:


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