First SX4 to get the RDD AFR Controller

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First SX4 to get the RDD AFR Controller

Post by Kaushik » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:09 pm

Firstly, a huge huge thanks to Ron and Arun for sitting through the night [yes literally through the night] last friday to get this unit working. I owe you guys big time. I feel guilty of putting you guys through a sleepless night.
Secondly, Woohooo :lol:

When Ron messaged me last friday morning saying the adamant Denso NB sensor was finally removed, I heaved a big sign of relief. Little was I to know that we were far from being done. The next 24 hours were spent just to get the circuit communicate to the ECU. It is a double-edged sword I must say. The negative was it was a real pain in the ass to get the ECL not come on and to get the circuit spot on. This meant choosing the right power source and sending the right signal through to the ECU. The positive side - the ECU is damn clever, it does listen very closely to the O2 sensor and that is good news!!

So, after Ron and Arun spent the sleepless night getting the circuit to work, the saturday morning was spent running around getting to a garage which had a scan tool and see what the error code was. Bummer, Solar did not have one and Pratham was closed!
Arun then had a brilliant idea [which I am not at liberty to disclose, sorry people ] and we tried a couple of them and voila, it worked like a charm.

We then took it out for a spin and we saw that it was responding well.
So, we decided, thats enough and I headed out to Chennai. This is one of the most exciting drives I have had in a long long time in my life :D
The engine sounded smooth and the AFR was keeping to the target pretty well. Surprisingly, never during the trip did I feel there would be a problem - never for a moment was I nervous that the ECL would come on. Thinking back - I realise that it was only because of the trust I had in Ron's and Arun's capabilities.

Now, for some numbers.
I kept a steady 100-110 kmph throughout the journey. Through towns, I obviously reduced to safe speeds.
Pre AFR controller, I used to get about 10 - 10.5 kmpl for this style of driving. With the AFR controller, I got 16.5 kmpl. You do the math :)
This was only for highway driving. And this was all in the mileage mode. There was absolutely no hesitation in the drivability. It was the same as before even though I was in the mileage mode.
The temperature indicator did not budge from where it used to be pre-AFR controller. So, this mileage mode is definitely within the engine's limit.

I am now doing a city mileage run. Will keep you updated on the gains.

All in all - I cannot thank Arun and Ron enough for this wonderful product. I cannot think of any reason why you all should not invest in this fantastic product. This product is fantastic and the quality of materials used is world-class. You have only yourself to blame if you dont!!

Thanks again Arun and Ron - you guys are geniuses. I still cannot believe this is a home-made circuit and product by 2 guys and it can work flawlessly with a device as advanced and complicated and sensitive as an ECU!! Hats off to you guys!!

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Re: India's first SX4 gets the RDD AFR Controller

Post by rahulsharma_7 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:04 pm

Congrats on getting your hands on the product and enjoying it.

I am interested to know what magic happens in power mode. :D

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Re: First SX4 to get the RDD AFR Controller

Post by arun » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:41 pm

Nice Kaushik :)

Id expect improvement in mileage in city driving as well, as for the number of declutches for a litre of petrol consumed(Atleast Bangalore city :P). But that is theoretical reasoning and very so often reality is muck on the face :)

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