Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

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Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by Jonathan » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:34 pm

Guys my Rd(Rons Design)350 is ready Thanks to Pradeep I rode out of Ron's Place This Monday Morning.
Thanks to Ron for accepting my Build and as per the Discussion
and Plan we had envisioned in 2009 my Rddream today is a Sparkling Reality
He Has kept His Commitment and Delivered more than what he had commited to so heartfelt Thanks Ron

I would like to Thank Mohit without whom the build wouldint even start,we looked for parts for months and were not
successful and had hit a wall no hope, then I called up Mohit and Nice Guy he is he helped me out Thanks Mohit.
I would like to Thank Jagadeesh who helped me tremendously in my build.
I would also like to Thank Pradeep and his incomprehensible effort and help in getting my RD done and running and most times
"He got Dirty to give me a Clean Bike" Thanks Pradeep.
would also like to Thank Rdd members like Arun,Mukund,Shuvo,AjithK for their Friendship and Support.

My bike was really shagged before it reached
Rdd it would not cross over 80,it
had seized twice one cylinder was a drag ported
HT and the other a normal Lt the drum was badly welded with oversize o ring it ran
a shogun cdi the battery leaked and dead there was araldate in the gearbox this was just part of the nightmare
and shifting gears was
a herculean task.
The gear rpm would end quickly and give a weird body shake.
But Ron agreed to fix it more often when we had a problem he saved me.

Guys Sorry my MQ is low(technically unsound) ill just explain in my own words

I will write a detailed report after the bike is runin properly
I think its too soon to share thoughts or comments.i haveint pushed the bike
just normal as per the run in instructions

Initial reactions-

1)The Harder im riding the Cooler the bike is Running this is just Absolutely Amazing.
2)the midrange has improved now and there is power there previosly
the power would kick in much later,Initial pickup needs to improve i think after runin
and advancement of timing it will become perfect.
3)it is not jerky at all but power comes in much smoother.
4) I absolutely Love the Wisecos in my bike.
5)The sound has changed and is different than other Rd's the twin silencer beats are much more thicker,bassier and quicker
like twin machine guns and when you rev it really sounds mean, Music to my ears.
6)Pradeep showed me the exhaust Port and i really liked the way it looked it was really smooth like marble
it was convergant and was shaped like a reversed heart (apologise for the crude description)
7) What i noticed is It really does Smoke really really less than previous.

What the Bike is running.
1)RDD HT LT Combo ported
2)RDD Crank(Standard Pin)
3)RDD New Liner Full Sleeve Job Standard size.
4)RDD Sourced Standard Wiseco Pistons and Rings and a rebore.
5)RDD Head Mods
6)RDD Sourced Chinoy Filter Chinoy Filters.
7)RDD TM28MM TZR 250 Mikuni Flat Slides with Custom RDD Throttle Cable.Jetted,installed and Tech Support by RDD.
8)RDD CDI latest version Export variant(which includes custom wiring harness) installed by Ron which
includes the lights,horn,indicators working.
9)RDD Bigger RZ Reeds,Reed Cage and Custom U TUbe.
10)RDD inspected Gearbox and fixup.
11)RDD SOurced Original ART Clutch Plates from US.
12)Amaron 12 volt 9 amp sealed battery.
13)RDD sourced original Yamaha Oil Seals and RDD gaskets.
14)Activya plug caps

Things that need to be done and issues to be resolved by me are
1)My Petrol tank is really old and in bad condition
the bottom is screwed up it needs to be replaced or fixed.
2)The Clutch basket bell was reconditioned by Ron But it needs to be replaced
including the springs.
3)I need to put better Brakes on the bike cause these arent functioning (braking well) and are not
keeping up with the bike.
4)I need to put in a original Fuel Tap.

About Ron,RDD-

Ron is a Honest Guy and Highly Experienced who does Quality Work.
I msgd him on the forum and he agreed to meet me and my Bro for the interview and engine inspection in 2009
He invited us to his House and was accomodating as we were strangers that was very Kind of Him.Once
the engine was with him he took better care of it than i ever could.
After the first meeting i took over and my dealings and interactions
were directly with Him even though i am younger than him
and dont know 5% of what he knows as he is a stalwart
in his craft he never was condescending
and never treated me like a Kid with low MQ
Im Thankful to him for that.
Whatever issue resolving or feedback
required as per needs it was discussed between me and him and was

What i got from RDD and the Bike experience was Knowledge, Education and most imp Good Friends and a Nice Bike.
previosly i thought maintaining the bike was washing it and charging the battery,there is a heck
lot more to it than that.
Used to watch ppl having
fun with RD's and enjoying the Rd Ride near Ramaiah College,Baldwins college Johnson market
etc during my School times Now its my Turn to have Fun Thrilled that a Childhood Dream Came True
and I am Happy.

Friends ill keep posting and give further updates as days pass and add Pics in the coming days.
Thanks for reading,
Regards Sanket.

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by crazydiablo » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:45 pm

Wow what a post, straight from the heart. So happy for you, am sure the bike has come out super. Post some pics and join in for the rides. (Sadly i dont have an RD anymore)

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by ajaybiz » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:16 pm

=D> Nice one.
Mohith plan it with your RZ.

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by tanvirgill » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:14 pm

Sanket, All the best! Take good care of the build and it won't let you down.

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by gurjinder » Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:04 pm

Awesome news matey.

Take good care of the bike and ride it often, ride it hard. Keep it exactly the way Ron has set it.


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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by mautbiker » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:15 am

TAke good care of the bike. Hit the redline often. Cheers

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by chinoy » Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:52 am

1. Thanks for the kind words.

We where supposed to source a pair of LT barrels for this build. But we could not. The best we got was one HT with Tongue and one stock LT.
All I can say is that it was hell. And I will as long as I live never ever again make the mistake of agreeing to such a build. It was pure hell matching the ports. Between the LT and HT.

This is one of the last engines where I will put in the effort to make a full sleeve for anybody. Its just too painful.

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by Jonathan » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:38 am

@Thanks Crazydiablo sounds good I sure will :D .
Thanks Ajay,Gurjinder,Mautbiker,Tanveergill for your words.
Yes Ron it was very difficult for You i appreciate your Hard Work and Effort.

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by arun » Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:04 am

Sanket' finally you have your RD' nice :) I know you would have gone nuts waiting to ride the RD' I am sure the builds worth the wait :)

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Re: Yamaha RD(Ron's Design)350

Post by Jonathan » Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:38 am

:) True Arun wanted to ride the RD real bad

Friends i added a few pics

http://www.flickr.com/photos/83068610@N ... 7607865268

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