The 90/110 kit experience

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Re: The 90/110 kit experience

Post by rishidhamtari » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:50 pm

i have installed the 90-100 kit.
Got suggestions that i shud better put 55-60 and not go to 90-100 watt bulb, as 90-100 bulb!!!!!!!!!!
what should I do ?

satish wrote:It took some time for me to decide on the 90/110 kit just because of the difficulty in getting it installed on my bike since it has a RX100 wiring with my not so confident local mechanic. Anyway when Ron did a batch recently for the RX.s I decided to go ahead and get one. I have tried all possible 12 volt conversions on my RX, the last being with a LML AC RR and diodes!! .

Making my mechanic understand about the kit was a big headache. He wanted to know all about the kit. Some how bribed and got his "appointment" as he is one of the old timers whom I personally know.

Got hold of a RXZ 5 speed wiring kit. Fixed the magnet and plate without much problem. Timing the bike was a challenge as the engine was misfiring and overheating with the plate turned fully clockwise. Since the RDD digi CDI on the bike had RX100 couplers I couldn’t try it with this set up. Hence got a RX135 OE CDI and started playing with the timing. Bike become ridable after the plate was turned fully anti-clockwise, retarding the timing. Left the timing there and checked the headlight power....amazing light. changed to a DCM Toyota beam with Philips 55/60 bulb from Eliminator. For this the stock dome was heated and moulded with a tumbler to make enough room for the bulging holder. This set up gives enough light on the road with lot more juice left for a higher wattage bulb if required.Amasing set up. Also the light magnet allow the engine to rev up to the moon, waiting for the CDI with 135 couplers to arrive so that I can fine tune the timing a bit.

Thanks a lot for Ron for giving me this wonderful product. It is value for money, as important as investing in a good quality helmet.

Thanks RDD for keeping my 2 stroke spirit alive.

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