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Kanger Sub Tank Mini

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 12:53 am
by chinoy
So a customer gifted me a Kanger Sub Tank Mini.

One of the reasons I agreed to try it is because it allows you to build your own coil.
Couldn't be bothered with another tank like the kanger dual coils which where a night mare to build.

Ive felt let down by Kanger in the past.
They shined with their tanks till they hit the dual coil 3s.

Their 1 and 2 tanks are still popular till today. And I have mini Protank 2 with an adjustable base in every day use till date.

For a time we went with the KayFun and Orchid tanks in fact both the Kayfun and the Orchid remain out number 1 selling tanks. Because of how flexible they are and how well you can get them to work with thick high VG juice.

But the sub-tank was a nice surprise.
My only intrest in trying it was to see if it would work with our high VG Juice.

The first coil I tried was the 1.2 Ohm coil supplied with the tank.
Followed the instructions and it worked right off the bat. Even with the juice I keep for myself only. Which is way thicker than what is sold to customers.

Then I used the rebuildable coil with some Indian cotton.
Im not a big fan of the over processed Jap cotton.

And I had already experienced it in the ready made coil.

This also worked fine to start with but if you vape heavy you do start to get some dry hits.
But I am sure some simple mods to the deck will solve this problem.
No leaks at any time.

Is it their best tank. ?
Well its a bit like asking if the Kayfun 4 is the best kayfun ever.
My thoughts its a tiny bit better than the Kanger 2 which for me was the best tank by kanger.

Just like they kayfun 4 is a tiny bit better than the Kayfun 3.1

What I like about this tank is that it works for those who do not want to build coils and it works for those who want to build their own coils.
And it works so-so on a mech mod or as good as an orchid or kayfun.

You have no juice flow control.
You do have air flow control or 3 options which should work for most people.

So yes we may stock a few of these with our Orchids and Kayfuns.

As of right now the tanks I use the most are
1. Kayfun 3.1 ES
2. Kayfun 4
3. Pro Tank 2 mini (With a custom hand wound coil that, no pre built crap for me )

Approx price if we stock and sell them will be about 3K. For the Sub Tank Mini.
You must specify if you want us to mod it for high VG or not.

Im still working on finding the right mods which will allow you to even chain vape with high VG juice.

Some forum I read a stupid comment one guy said he kept getting dry hits on his original kayfun 4.
Another guy comments that he uses 100% VG juice and has no dry hits.

That is stupid logic. Just because its 100% VG does not mean its thick.
The thickest juice we sell is Kiss its Zero PG. Just pure organic VG and Nic.

Ive run thru about 4 tanks on the sub tank mini smoking Elephant Beedi and various other Nets also Caramel Capachino and there is zero build up on the cotton.
Used it on a mech mod and on a digital mod till 25 watts and its worked.
Anything more than 25 watts and it starts to burn your lips.
I use the medium air flow position the most. Fully open tends to result in dry hits. And smallest size results in a draw that is too tight.

The key about this tank is that its idiot proof.
You dont need any special skills to get it right

On a score off 1-10 I would rate this tank a 7.5
The prebuilt coils cam in at .6 ohms so it works on my VTR and Kbox.

Re: Kanger Sub Tank Mini

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 1:51 pm
by chinoy
A lot of guys are asking if the Kanger Subtank mini is better than the Orchids
Yes it is better but is it twice the cost better i.e. Rs 1400/- for an Orchid 4 vs Rs 3000/- for a Kanger Subtank that is a call you need to make.

Re: Kanger Sub Tank Mini

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 7:24 pm
by Prd
Very nice review, baba. Covers a wide range of user situations and demands.

I have found its very important for many to have a ready solution on the go. There are a very large number of people sadly put off vaping, because they don't want to/cannot rebuild tanks and wind coils and worry about wick thickness and density. The turn-off rate is higher when the tank is crappy and they've spent a few hours building it and then still can't get it to work.

For me personally though, the Kayfun 3.1 is king. I just haven't felt the need for anything else at all, it just works, everytime! The mods you did and the 0.7 coil you wound for me has been running for close to six months now. I haven't rewound it ever since. I just replace the wick once a week, refill tank and vape away. It truly has been vaping on the go.

Re: Kanger Sub Tank Mini

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 7:40 pm
by chinoy
Well you forgot to take your Sub Tank. Darshan has sent you one as a gift. So next time your over pick it up and chk it out.

I agree with you my 3.1 Es is still my favorite and I too hardly do much more than change the cotton.

But not everybody has access to having their Kayfuns ported / cleaned up and a good coil put in. Both the 3.1s yours and mine came from Andy. I got them both used from him. You know the rest of the story first I fixed mine and then yours.

So yes your right for most people who dont have access to Baba or have the option of getting a baba built setup. The Kanger does work well. In fact I will repeat this is the best tank to have come out of Kanger.

Will it ever match our modified 3.1es I dont know.

But going back to what I keep repeating the out of the box experience vs the modified experience. Then out of the box the SUb Tank is one of the best Tanks I have seen to date from Kanger.
I could just personally never deal with paying 10$ on a regular basis every time I need to freshen up the cotton or change flavors. But if your ok with that expedience then I guess this makes it the perfect tank. For any kind of juice.

Juice consumption on this is pretty high. And you will have to drop your nic strength this is another thing Im not too keen on. i.e. increasing our juice consumption.But that's a discussion for another day.
Its also pretty heavy on the bat unless you stick to using the 1.2 Ohm coils. Ive not tried rebuilding the coils but looks like it should be easier than the smaller Kanger coils.

Good Job Kanger.

Re: Kanger Sub Tank Mini

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 9:01 pm
by chinoy
A side note when I was importing the Kuro Concepts coil winder I only wanted to get one size.
So I did some research as to what is the optimum coil size to wind. Took me over a month during which time I wound and tested every size from .8mm to 3.2mm
The number I came up with and the only Kuro Size we ever sold 2.5 mm

Take a wild guess what size Kanger has opted to use in both the ready made and rebuildable head ? lol
2.5 mm