Thoughts and funny customer & 100% VG Explained.

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Thoughts and funny customer & 100% VG Explained.

Post by chinoy » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:48 am

So this post was promoted by a e-mail I got today which basiclly went.

I heard your high VG Juice is bad for my Tank.

My reply. Then use PG.

So first issue the issue of our juices being thick. And my thoughts on those that cant get high VG juice to work with their gear. Which is fine then go smoke PG based juice.

First off not all our juices are thick to the point of not working. At least I have not yet run into any that did not work because it was too thick.
I have used the following tanks.
1. All the Kanger Tanks 1,2,3, Aero, Giant, Turbo. Mini and regular of all tanks.
2. All the top coil based tanks.
3. T2 top coil
4. All the cheap starter kit tanks.
5. Rose / various RBA's
6. All the Orchid series.
7. All the Kayfun Series.

The smart guys buy their tanks from us. This way they know each tank is cleaned up. Gets a good build and works with any kind of juice.
My view is the thicker the juice the safer it is. The healthier it is. But with so many many stupid questions cropping up about the thickness. We are now going to add ionised water to the juice to thin it down. I cant deal with this nonsense of people not getting that thicker juices are better.
Adding water while it may allow you to smoke the juice it will be ruined and we do not recommend that you add water any more. This is my view. Some guys are ok with adding a drop of water or vodka.
We can do it because when its being cooked but if you try it you may dilute the taste too much.

Double Dutch Chocolate while being a very tasty flavor is heavy on the coils. Which is why we plan to replace it with a white chocolate. Which is not heavy on the coils. This is a global problem any chocolate / dark flavor based on natural flavoring. This is why so many juice companies pull some of the best tasting flavors. They dont want to deal with some guy using it on a non rebuildable and complaining. Smart guys use these extra tasty coil gunking flavors on a dipper or a re-build-able.

Some Indian Flavors can crack plastic tanks. This has been mentioned and explained on the Flavor thread.
All the Imported Flavors have been tested with plastic tanks and found to be plastic safe.

You should anyway only smoke in a glass or full metal body e-cig. Because plastic tanks are not healthy or safe.

Never mention throat hit to me.
Throat hit is nothing buy chemicals burning and irritating the lining of your throat. Why in heavens name would you want to do something so stupid. Its unhealthy and dangerous in the extreme. This is my belief . Take or leave it. We try and make sure none of our liquids give you a throat hit. And if we do come out with a Throat hit Juice it will be Throat hit from spice and not a chemical like PG. i.e. Your sensitive throat flesh burning due to a spice is very different from burning due to a chemical such as PG.

Again Nicotine strength means nothing. I know this may sound strange but its what I have found to be true. Maybe it has something to do with the quality of the nic. Or the freshness of the nic. Since nic is the last step. i.e. added fresh just before the order ships. I think its much more potent. 99% of the customers leave nic strength to me. And they are all happy. With the strength. In fact most who come back ask us to lower it.

In india as per law you can not use more than 20 Mg. And if the nic is fresh and good quality I think that is way too much. Esp for our modern tanks and mods. Higher than 20 Mg was only needed in the days of the carto. I dont see anybody with modern gear needing anything close to 20 Mg without killing them selfs. Or falling really sick.

Next on flavor names. We pick the name using basic logic. It does not mean its going to taste anything like something with the same name from another vendor.
We tweak flavors using various flavors form different vendors. Some times we mix Indian and American flavors. Most flavors even though the name is simple is a combination of 3-4 flavors.

The quality of nature of our VG also has a drastic effect on how flavors taste. Many people have purchased flavors then given it to us to cook for them. And when done with our VG / PG comes out tasting and vaping totally different.

There any types of VG. And Qualities of VG. Each taste different and have different thickness. Synthetic VG has less taste. Organic VG has a sweeter taste.
I will only vape Organic.

Its too thick and too sweet but thats what I think is healthy.

The 100% VG questions never stop. So I did some digging about the term.

1. Just because its called 100% VG does not mean it is 100% VG. Typically the variation on these liquids is 70-80% VG and the rest PG.
2. Its just a marketing ploy to fool simple minds.
3. They are trying t say that other than the Flavor and the nicotine base they are not adding any PG. Which is pretty much like all our flavors. We dont add PG. And even the nic base is VG.
4. If you want to avoid PG totally. Then I think we are one of the few companies in India that offer you NO PG juices. This means no PG flavor. No PG nicotine. i.e. ZERO PG. Its just VG + NIC + FLAVOR without PG.

What is the key diff between Indian and USA flavors.
Most USA Flavors are made up off various chemicals / molecules.
For example
USA Clove Flavor
2.00 vanillin
8.00 beta-caryophyllene
1.00 guaiacol 10%
1.00 cuminaldehyde
5.00 5-methyl furfural
83.00 eugenol
100.00 Total
Indian Clove Flavor.
We take the real clove. Extract the flavor and use it.
Needless to say ours will taste different. And if you where to compare both the American would be preferred by 90% of the people trying both if they did not know better.

The same holds true for flavors such as Coffee. Tea etc.

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Re: Thoughts and funny customer & 100% VG Explained.

Post by chinoy » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:22 pm

Hi VG juices cause Gurgling.

My first response to this is who is feeding you your knowledge on E-cig. Find the guy and go slap him or her really hard for misguiding you.

Thick high VG juices do not cause leaking and Gurgling. It just goes to show what kind of crap is being passed around for knowledge these days.
Thick VGs will have issues of flow. So if you do have a problem it will be not enough juice flow which is the opposite of gurgling and leaking. And it may cause dry hits not gurgling or leaking.

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