ZERO PG Flavors.

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ZERO PG Flavors.

Post by chinoy » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:52 pm

This post will be dedicated to Zero PG juices only.

1. Champagne Cigar Rs 350/-
2. Prize Fighter Cigar Rs 350/-
3. Mysore Leaf Rs 350
4. Orissa Leaf Rs 350
6. KISS Rs 250/- Keep it simple stupid. Our High Quality organic VG + High Quality Nic. No Chemicals or flavors.
(If you get rashes / ulcers / any medical problem from e-cig. Try this for 2-3 days. It is the safest thing to vape in the WORLD.
7. Tulsi no pg no nic Rs 250/- per 10ml
8. Elephant Beedi Rs 350/- per 10ml
9. Mangalore leaf Rs. 350/- per 10ml
10. 6 leaf tobacco Rs. 350/- per 10ml
11. 6 leaf tobacco menthol Rs. 35@/- per 10ml
12. Cuba Libre tobacco Rs. 350/- per 10ml
13. Camel White Rs. 350/- per 10ml

Price per 10 ML. Default is 10 MG nic. No zero nic option.
You can ask for Med / High Nic.

*These flavors are not about taste. They are about health. And keeping PG out for those that can not handle PG.
Zero PG juices are never going to taste as good a PG based Flavors.

The good news is that they all burn clean on the coil. And none stain the coil. Which means you can switch between flavors on the same tank.