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Note: About our Products.

Post by chinoy » Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:33 pm

Very early when I first started out. The temptation was there to just import go fast goodies and copy them for cheap in India. We would have made a killing making rip off copies of stuff like Newtronics points replacement system and selling them for cheap.

When we started tuning the RD350. I had offers from various tuners to port barrels to any specs I wanted for free. It was tempting and it would have been the easy way out. Guys like Mick Abey aka port grinder and others saw how we where struggling and where kind enough to offer their time and services for free. Amongst many other great tuners.

But there was one thing I was determined about and that was we would do our own thing. So what ever came out we could hold up our heads with pride and say WE DID THIS IN INDIA.

I think this has gained us some level of respect with tuners and engine builders around the world.

Be it our land speed record on stock pipes. The fastest RD and RXG on stock pipes. Whatever we did we did it here in India. No imported barrels, no barrels being designed and ported outside the country getting plugged on.

Ther is nothing I detst more than a so called tuners who takes credit for work done by another tuner and then try to pass it off as their own. And then just blindly copy porting done by others. The part is when these uneducated experts not only copy your work. They start to openly attack you.

With the internet its a small world. Nothing can be kept hidden for very long. And keepings one head held high year after year can only come from genuine hard work and honesty in all one does.

I know we may never get famous. But what ever we achieved we achieved IN INDIA by an INDIAN.

You want the fastest RD / RXG in India. Get the engines and pipes designed by a Tuner in the US/UK/Singapore. Ride it and get famous. But I doubt you will get any level of satisfaction.

This issue has been debated by some old timers for a long time they feel how its done dosent matter as long as it appears you did the work and your the fastest you can fool most of the people.

I beg to differ. And feel ever RDD customer feels a certain level of Pride that he is riding something built in India by an Indian. That we achieved this here. With all our limitations. No access to Dynos, tools or even good gas. We still did it.

My logic may be flawed but this is just my 2 cents.
Our stuff has always been Proudly Designed & Made in India. And we will take on the engines built by the best tuners in the world and prove we are on par if not better. And Im sure ever member on this forum will back me in achieving this goal.
I can say one thing with Pride you show our work, design or calculations to any Qualified tuner and he will say we did a Professional Job.

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