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RXG Digital ECU options.

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:04 pm
by chinoy
This is our 18th year in this business. We are now on Version 10.0 on the PCB and Code.
As off 2018.

1. Our Regular Digital ECU we have been selling for over 15 years now if you do not know what you should buy this is the one.
(Approx Price 7500/-)
Digital Tacho Out signal.
Three pre-programmed Maps / curves. Curve 1, Curve 2 and Static.
Wasted Spark option. On or off.

2. Pro Digital ECU / CDI. Rs 10,000
In the Pro CDI you can program your own Map using windows and a USB port.
You better be an expert in understanding engine mapping to use this.

You program your own map and rev limit.
Option to run RDD Curve 1 or your own map.
Shift light out. Two stage start blink and go solid.
Windows s/w to program the unit.

Please do not confuse this with any product. This is a Digital ECU / CDI Ignition Module. It will only work if you have stock company fitted coils and magnet. This has no effect on your lighting.

You will need a timing light and need to modify the coil plate to use this product.
If you do not know how to use a timing light this product is not for you.
To understand what is involved in the install please read

Re: RXG Digital ECU options.

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:39 pm
by chinoy

1. Will I make more power with the Pro CDI or regular RDD Digital CDI.
Ans: Depends on how well you understand two-stroke engines and how good a map you can build. If you can build a better map than us. It will make more power. If you do not know how to create a map. You can damage your engine and make less power. If you cant figure out how to make yoru own map. There is always the option to run the RDD Curve we have hardcoded into the Unit.

2. What other factor is there to consider which CDI to buy.
At what point does it make sense to stop using the RDD CDI and shift to a Pro ?.

Im still doing the numbers and will give you an exhaust port height. Up to which you can get away with using the RDD CDI and at what point you need to go RDD Pro & custom curve.

So far that RPM looks to be like 11,000 RPM i.e. if you have ported the engine to make peak power at 11,000 RPM. Of if your RPM is more than 14,000 RPM. It makes sense to shift to a Pro.

Please don't ask a silly question like if I install a Pro will my engine rev to 11,000 or 14,000. Peak power RPM depends on Exhaust port duration, transfer duration and blowdown.

If your confused by all this. Then stick to whatever timing you were running earlier and run the RDD Unit in static mode.
For the RXG the exhaust port height from top is 25.8 i.e. if you have raised your exhaust port more then 25.8 or more than 190 Deg Exhaust duration you need a custom curve or a static CDI.
For the RDs. Its 28mm. From top of the exhaust port to top of the cylinder if you have used more than 190 deg duration.
THats is like taking a US Spec 29.5mm and raising the exhaust port by another 2.5mm. Something no sane owner would try.
IM posting this because there are some people out there. Who are trying to run the CDI on engines with 200+ deg of Exhaust port duration? At this point, the curve is not suited to your application.
At this point its better to time it where you want and run static. Or get a Pro and make your own map.
The more the exhaust port duration the higher the max advance you should use. Max advance is the Maximum point your timing reaches at 3000-3500 RPM. Max number I have heard anybody run is about 32 Deg. With race gas.

Curve 1 the default curve is well suited to High Revving engines like US / Spec, HT, RXG 5 speed.
Curve 2 is well suited to low revving engines like LT, 4 speed, etc.
Curve 2 starts reducing the timing earlier and more aggressively than curve 1.