RXG Digital ECU options.

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RXG Digital ECU options.

Post by chinoy » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:04 pm

This is our 18th year in this business. We are now on Version 10.0 on the PCB and Code.
As off 2018.

1. Our Regular Digital ECU we have been selling for over 15 years now if you do not know what you should buy this is the one.
(Approx Price 7500/-)
Digital Tacho Out signal.
Three pre programed Maps / curves. Curve 1, Curve 2 and Static.
Wasted Spark option. On or off.

2. Pro Digital ECU / CDI. Rs 10,000
In the Pro CDI you can program your own Map using windows and a USB port.
You better be an expert in understanding engine maping to use this.
You program your own map and rev limit.
Option to run RDD Curve 1 or your own map.
Shift light out. Two stage start blink and go solid.
Windows s/w to program the unit.

3. Eco ECU / CDI. (Approx Price Rs 5000/-)
No Curve Option you only get the RDD default curve and static.
No Tacho out signal.
No option for wasted spark. By default it runs with wasted spark on.

Please do not confuse this with any product. This is a Digital ECU / CDI Ignition Module. It will only work if you have stock company fitted coils and magnet.
You will need a timing light and need to modify the coil plate to use this product.
If you do not know how to use a timing light this product is not for you.

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