My Rates.

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My Rates.

Post by chinoy » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:31 pm

First is to give you an idea on my rates.
The second issue is that of procuring spares for the build.
I much prefer it if they customer provides the spares.
The spares provided will be used if I feel the quality is ok.

Procuring spares for builds is a thankless job. Filled with challenges and risks. Esp so for old bikes and cars.

If a customer wants me to handle the spares also. I do it as part of the build. At no extra cost.

I do not believe in charging low labor rates and making the money via spares. Though this seems to be how most people prefer to do business in India.

Most people will find that even with my labor rates. The over all results are good. And the total cost was lower than if done else where.

Most customers who come to me. Land up here as a last resort. They have tried and tried for years and now just want something fast, reliable and efficient. Guaranteed to work. RDD has turned into a place of last resort.

RDD has the highest scores in terms of power, reliability, customer satisfaction and that's all that matters.
99% of people not happy with RDD are not even RDD customers. That is fine. I cant please everybody. My focus has been and will be on only pleasing the customer. Thats all I care about.
We have an open door policy on feedback. Good or bad the posts stay on the feedback section.
My Critics say I sell dreams.
Well based on the number of happy dreamers and the long waiting line. Id say what ever it is I do. It seems to be working.

I see what I do as a pure art form. And as long as there are people willing to pay for art. Ill survive.
Guess the biggest ace I have to play to the critics is the kind of money bikes and cars sell for if they have the built by RDD sticker.
To date not a single car or bike customer seems to have lost money. On any car or bike done by RDD.
RDD builds sale prices have set records. Im not at liberty to reveal. Which is something. When you consider world wide cars and bikes loose value when they are modified.

Jetting and ignition timing.
Price Rs 5000/-
Aprox time taken about a day.

Engine Rebuild.
Labour rate Rs 25,000/-
Spares extra.
Average spend by a customer over the past 5 years. Is about 75K to 1 Lakh on the engine.
Aprox time frame: A month or two. All depends on how badly butchered the setup is when I get it.

Complete ECU Packages for various cars. Install and tune.
Rate: Rs 25,000/-
Parts Extra. i.e. cost of ECU / Wide Band etc.
Aprox time taken: A week. Approx total spend for converting a stock car Rs 60-80,000/- depends on the price of the ECU. Some ECUs only cost 100$ some cost 3800$ or more.

Just tune existing setup:
Rs 20,000/- for tune.
We will provide a dyno curve at end of tune.
Aprox time taken: 3-4 man days.
We will have to install the RDD Wide Band here because this is the only unit I will tune with.

Complete car project. NA or Turbo.
Fee's Rs 1 Lakh. + Parts.

Other Services offered.
People tend to hire me for all kinds of jobs. Ive been hired to fix gear boxes, to setup dyno's, to setting up companies IT infrastructure.
My Bio.
Work Exp. 8 Years with Tata Steel at the Jamshedpur plant.
->System software group es9000
->Skunk Works
->Tata Net one of India's first and largest private VSAT networks.
Mr. Varun Jha Director CSD Tata Steel.
Dr. JJ Irani MD Tata Steel.

1 Year with Thakral Computers. Bangalore. Setup Service centers across India. Hire and train staff. System Architect for large scale clients.(Ref: Gurmuk Singh Thakral)
6 Months as an ERP consultant and implementer in the UK.
1 Year as Technical Director for Jones Lang Wooton. (Ref: Mike Holland Director Indian operation).
Responsible for setting up and managing IT operations India.
Post: Technical Director.

10 Years of running India Web works.
We have very few and select customers. Who value things like up-time and prompt support.
Our servers have operated at 100% up time for the past 10 years. Some people value such a track record.

My contract rates depend on the job.
But average about 2 Lakhs per month post tax.
That is 24 working man days at an average of 10-12 hours a day.

All work / builds require an interview process.
The work is not confirmed till this interview process has been completed.
Payment is made in advance.
There is normally always a waiting list. And its pretty long. So don't expect things to get done fast.
Most customers are accepted only if they have a good reference from within the community.

I dont know if this was a wise move or not. But somebody I trust asked me to post it. And felt it would be a good idea.

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